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Woman of Influence Award: Clar Rosso, ISC2

Since joining ISC2 in 2020, Clar Rosso has been pivotal in developing innovative approaches to bridge the cybersecurity workforce gap, notably through the Certified in Cybersecurity (CC) certification. Envisioned and launched by Clar in August 2022, this accreditation is designed specifically for individuals from non-technical backgrounds, broadening the potential talent pool by removing the barriers posed by the need for university degrees or prior IT experience.

Under Clar's guidance as CEO, ISC2 has seen impressive engagement with over 390,000 individuals enrolling in the CC certification programme, with more than 49,000 obtaining certification within 18 months. Her efforts have contributed to ISC2 surpassing 600,000 members. Clar has also been instrumental in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within ISC2 and the broader cybersecurity industry.

Recognising the underrepresentation of women in cybersecurity, which stands at just 25% of the workforce, Clar has actively mentored women and advocated for initiatives such as providing 1,000,000 free CC exams, half of which are allocated to minority groups, including tribal and women’s organisations worldwide. Her leadership extends to forming strategic partnerships with over 30 organisations focused on elevating women in cybersecurity.

Clar's career has consistently challenged gender norms, from her early days as a sports reporter to her dynamic leadership in cybersecurity. She empowers other women to assert their value in the workplace and actively works to dismantle the barriers they face. Her life’s work reflects a deep commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion within the tech industry, making her a true woman of influence in cybersecurity.

Judges’ Comments:

“An outstanding entrant who has a focus on the development of others, not her own career.”

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