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Rising Star : Algi Tabir

Algi Tabir has made a profound impact in the cybersecurity sector despite only two years in the industry. Transitioning from a background in construction, Algi's journey into cybersecurity has been driven by a desire to create more accessible educational resources for the deaf community, inspired by his brother's experiences.

Algi's standout contributions include translating complex cybersecurity concepts into sign language and offering mentorship to individuals from diverse backgrounds. He has developed sign language tutorials and mentoring sessions that not only make cybersecurity more accessible but also empower those like his brother to pursue careers in this field.

In his role as a senior security engineer at Adarma, Algi has rapidly excelled, becoming a subject matter expert in Cribl – a software that addresses key pain points in data and security management. His articles and feedback on this software have significantly contributed to its development and adoption within the cybersecurity sector.

Algi’s commitment to mentorship extends beyond his direct work environment. He offers free guidance and support to aspiring professionals from various fields, helping them transition into cybersecurity. His efforts include providing a cybersecurity roadmap, suggesting project ideas, and assisting with interview preparation.

Algi's work has significantly lowered the barriers for the deaf community in cybersecurity, fostering greater diversity and inclusion within the sector. His innovative and inclusive approach has set him apart as a role model in the field.

Judges’ Comments:

“Great example of a self-guided career changer who is already giving back to the community and additionally developing unique ways of making a difference by growing diversity in the industry.”

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