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Best Threat Intelligence Technology: CrowdStrike Counter Adversary Operations

CrowdStrike’s Counter Adversary Operations (CAO) is an adversary-focused cybersecurity solution that combines adversary-driven intelligence, human-led analysis, and cutting-edge technology to identify and neutralise threats. With adversaries moving laterally within networks in an average of just over two minutes, CAO leverages automation to reduce response time from days to minutes. It integrates threat hunting, intelligence, and playbooks to deliver prompt remediation actions, such as blocking threats and containing compromised devices.

CAO uniquely provides 24/7 AI-powered threat hunting across endpoints, cloud, and identity, tracking over 230 global adversaries to detect emerging threats like supply chain attacks, credential misuse, and insider threats. The solution harnesses telemetry data from trillions of events, providing actionable insights to security teams on the front lines.

CAO helps businesses boost productivity and reduce threat intelligence costs through comprehensive reports, threat hunting libraries, and detection rules developed by CrowdStrike experts. With seamless APIs and pre-built integrations, customers can orchestrate defences using existing security tools. The cloud-delivered platform continuously scans dark web forums and criminal markets for real-time threat intelligence.

Clients report significant time and cost savings, including an 85% reduction in alert research and a 97% reduction in time spent investigating emerging threats. Frost & Sullivan’s report recognises CrowdStrike as a global leader, with a 15% market share in cyber threat intelligence, dominating the field with over a decade of expertise. CrowdStrike CAO empowers organisations to rapidly stop breaches while minimising costs and maximising efficiency.

Judges’ Comments:

"Strong application with clear benefits and savings for customers. Innovative understanding and management of attacks, with a prime focus on adversaries and their techniques."

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