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Best SIEM Solution: Rapid7 InsightIDR

InsightIDR is a robust security platform renowned for streamlining threat detection and response through precise alerts, in-depth investigations, and actionable automation. The platform draws on insights from Rapid7's Managed Detection and Response service, Digital Forensics and Incident Response tool, and threat intelligence teams to collect and analyse data from logs, users, endpoints, and networks. This unified approach enables early detection and actionable insights, helping security teams pre-empt attacks.

InsightIDR empowers businesses to control their attack surface through embedded threat intelligence and automated response. Its lightweight software-based collection technology enriches and correlates data, providing a seamless, integrated view while reducing alert fatigue and response delays. Features like its Advanced Threat Detection framework, Velociraptor, enable forensic evidence collection across endpoints with minimal effort. Its Unified SIEM and XDR serve as a central security hub, simplifying SecOps with an intuitive UI and out-of-the-box automation.

Key advantages include complete visibility into all network assets, trusted detections vetted against a library of attacker behaviours, and simplified investigative workflows for efficient incident resolution. With 13-month log retention, custom reporting, and compliance support, InsightIDR addresses diverse regulatory requirements efficiently.

With a flexible asset-based pricing model, InsightIDR is scalable for businesses of all sizes. Its agile development, continuous updates, and customer collaboration ensure the platform aligns with evolving security needs. Across 140+ countries, over 10,000 customers trust InsightIDR to accelerate detection, response, and operational efficiency, providing organisations with a comprehensive solution in an increasingly challenging security landscape.

Judges’ Comments:

"Rapid7 offers an impressive solution that streamlines detection and response through precise alerting, detailed investigations, and actionable automation capabilities with InsightIDR."

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