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Best Risk Management and Regulation Solution: Vanta - Trust Management Platform

Vanta’s leading Trust Management Platform leverages AI and automation to help businesses enhance security and compliance. Over the past year, Vanta nearly doubled its customer base to 7,000 global companies, with close to a quarter located outside the U.S. Recognised as the top leader in G2's Grid Report for Security Compliance, Vanta has become a trusted solution for businesses to navigate an evolving security landscape. With attack surfaces proliferating and budgets shrinking, organisations are under immense pressure to improve security while proving compliance.

Vanta's platform simplifies security and compliance by offering a network of expert service providers, auditors, and solutions that automate up to 90% of audit preparation. By matching customers with trusted auditors who cater to small and growing businesses, Vanta provides fast and reliable experiences. Its 300+ pre-built integrations offer continuous, real-time monitoring across various systems, reducing the time to compliance by 50% compared to traditional audits.

Vanta has also launched 260+ new features, including Vanta AI, Vendor Risk Management, and Vanta Trust Centre, to build, maintain, and demonstrate trust. These updates, combined with capabilities like executive reporting and custom frameworks, empower businesses to prioritise risks and act strategically.

Vanta's impact extends globally, with two-thirds of business leaders noting increasing demands for proof of security and compliance. Its State of Trust report revealed that improved strategies positively influence business success by fostering customer trust, allowing companies to leverage security as a differentiator for accelerated revenue growth.

Judges’ Comments:

“This is an excellent solution that can drive cost and time efficiencies whilst at the same time improving an organisations compliance regime.”

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