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Best Vulnerability Management Solution: Qualys VMDR

Qualys Vulnerability Management Detection and Response (VMDR) is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution designed to accelerate the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities. It leverages detailed threat context and speed to reduce the mean time to remediate. On average, attackers exploit vulnerabilities 11 days faster than most organisations can patch them, making VMDR crucial. By incorporating its proprietary TruRisk scoring methodology, VMDR provides business impact insights, seamless ITSM integration, and granular risk-to-asset data for efficient remediation workflows.

VMDR unites various cybersecurity functions like asset discovery, inventory management, vulnerability assessment, and automated prioritisation. The solution orchestrates attack surface management, integrating internal and external data into its TruRisk platform for effective risk-based vulnerability management. With intelligence sourced from the Qualys Threat Research Unit, over 25 external threat intelligence feeds, and third-party data, VMDR significantly improves detection and remediation times for high-risk vulnerabilities.

In 2023, Qualys launched all-inclusive packages to offer small and medium businesses comprehensive protection. These packages combine VMDR's robust vulnerability management features with patch management and endpoint detection and response. Delivered as a cloud service, VMDR continuously updates its intelligence and capabilities, correlating data with the National Vulnerability Database daily for accurate risk assessment.

VMDR empowers organisations to prioritise vulnerabilities based on business impact, enabling faster, more effective responses. The platform's out-of-the-box dashboards help track cyber risk over time, while automation streamlines remediation. With over 10,000 customers globally and a 20.6% market share, VMDR offers unparalleled efficiency, allowing organisations to scale their cybersecurity efforts without increasing headcount. 

Judges’ Comments:

"Strong application, clearly an expert in this market. Provides a holistic approach to VM with an end-to-end tactical and business-level focus."

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