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Best Professional Training or Certification Programme: CREST Registered Penetration Tester Certification (CRT)

The CREST Registered Penetration Tester Certification (CRT) is designed to enhance professionalism and trust in the cybersecurity sector. Through its exams and registered supplier memberships, CREST ensures that cybersecurity professionals are highly qualified, ethical, and capable. In collaboration with governments and regulators, it provides certifications across key cybersecurity disciplines, ensuring they meet regulated industry standards. In addition, the organisation also collaborates with global higher education institutions to support students and graduates.

In 2023, after a year-long development process involving its 400+ members and the NCSC, CREST launched an updated CRT. This new version, available online and at over 1,000 Pearson Vue centres globally, offers greater flexibility and accessibility, broadening opportunities for career progression. The updated CRT covers an expanded array of topics, such as Windows and Linux permissions, command injection, and web application flaws. It also incorporates a two-tier discount system to remove financial barriers for participants.

The CRT certification is recognised by the NCSC as a key technical standard and assures quality for both markets and buyers. It also aligns with the latest cybersecurity challenges, being rigorously tested and kept relevant by CREST's assessors. By standardising the qualification globally, CREST aims to elevate cybersecurity practices and further support professionals in their development. The certification is not just a demonstration of skills and knowledge but is also closely linked to promotions and salary increases, making it a significant marker of achievement in the cybersecurity industry.

Judges’ Comments:

“A truly member focused organisation, whose certifications carry much weight in the industry.

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