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Best IOT/IIOT Security Solution: The Claroty Platform

The Claroty Platform is a leading cyber-physical security solution designed to safeguard industrial (OT), healthcare (IoMT), and enterprise (IoT) environments, collectively known as the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT). As these systems become increasingly interconnected, they expand the potential attack surface for cyber threats, underscoring the need for comprehensive security measures.

Unique in its support for over 450 protocols, Claroty provides tailored security solutions deployable across various settings and integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure to enhance visibility, manage risks, vulnerabilities, and threat detection, while also securing remote access.

The Claroty Platform stands out for its fully integrated secure remote access and incident management capabilities, covering the entire incident lifecycle. This proactive approach ensures that security operations pre-emptively address threats before they escalate. A key feature is Claroty Edge, which delivers immediate visibility into network assets by correlating asset, vulnerability, and risk data in real-time. The latest iteration, Edge 2.0, introduces auto-updates and enhanced scanning capabilities, further bolstering the platform’s defensive measures.

Supporting organisations in their digital transformation and IoT expansion efforts, Claroty reduces cyber risks and bridges the gap between IT and OT environments. Its market leadership is demonstrated by its extensive customer base, including top global companies and critical infrastructure sectors. Moreover, with strategic API integrations and flexible deployment options, Claroty enhances governance, risk management, and compliance across enterprise-wide systems, enabling businesses to monitor and secure their operations effectively.

Judges’ Comments:

"An interesting and useful solution that addresses a real concern for IoT operators. It offers system integration, flexible deployment, and the ability to facilitate remote access."

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