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Best Incident Response Solution: CrowdStrike Incident Response

CrowdStrike's Incident Response (IR) team expertly manages cyberattack crises by deploying the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform to regain control and stabilise the situation. This platform enables immediate insights into attacks and establishes robust security policies to contain threats. CrowdStrike covers all facets of incident response, from detection and investigation to containment, recovery, and reporting, powered by its expertise in adversary tradecraft and leading-edge technology.

The strength of CrowdStrike’s IR lies in its team – highly skilled professionals recruited from top competitors with exceptionally low attrition rates. This elite team has conducted thousands of investigations, effectively expelling sophisticated adversaries and refining their techniques continually. The Falcon platform supports their efforts by providing cross-domain visibility and control, integrating seamlessly with endpoints, identities, cloud, and applications. Furthermore, the platform's cloud-delivered, scalable nature allows for rapid deployment across hundreds of thousands of endpoints within hours, eliminating the need for physical presence or complex infrastructure.

CrowdStrike’s IR not only restores operations swiftly but also cost-effectively – typically resolving incidents within 30 days without ongoing costs. Post-incident, many clients continue to use the Falcon platform to prevent future breaches, reflecting its efficacy in reducing recovery times and costs significantly compared to traditional methods. This efficiency is captured in CrowdStrike’s philosophy: "We Stop Breaches," underscoring their commitment to rapid recovery and robust cybersecurity defence.

Judges’ Comments:

"CrowdStrike is a leader in cybersecurity, recognised for its comprehensive Incident Response solutions that cover all aspects of detection, investigation, containment, and recovery.”


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