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Best Enterprise Security Solution: Cyberbit ' The World's Most Hyper-Realistic Cybersecurity Skills Development and Readiness Platform'

Cyberbit has solidified its position as a leader in cybersecurity skills development with its hyper-realistic platform, designed to address the urgent need for enhanced security training amidst escalating cyber threats. Recognised in the recent Forrester Wave™ evaluation for Cybersecurity Skills and Training Platforms, Cyberbit scored highest in both Current Offering and Strategy categories, reflecting its forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity training.

The platform’s standout features include real-time simulations of high-profile attacks and vulnerabilities, allowing security teams to practice their responses to emerging threats. Cyberbit’s training extends beyond conventional methods by incorporating AI-driven language translation and advanced simulations that cover a range of scenarios, including those in cloud environments like AWS and Azure.

Cyberbit’s commitment to innovation is evident in its regular feature updates and new course offerings, such as the CySA+ Certification Preparation course. These initiatives are part of a broader strategy to create a global, on-demand cyber skill development centre that serves enterprises, educators, and governments worldwide.

The platform not only aids incident response but also significantly improves operational cybersecurity metrics. Users report a 30% reduction in Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and substantial improvements in security tool utilisation. Its comprehensive approach, combined with a robust partner ecosystem and community-focused initiatives, makes it a pivotal player in shaping a workforce ready to tackle complex cybersecurity challenges.

Judges’ Comments:

"Innovative use of AI for personalised training modules, backed by impressive customer metrics. The simulation of high-profile attacks significantly aids in educating cyber professionals and increasing industry skills."

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