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Best Emerging Technology: Searchlight Cyber, Cerberus Dark Web Investigations

Cerberus is an advanced dark web investigation platform designed specifically to proactively combat cyber threats. Utilising proprietary techniques developed by top researchers, Cerberus offers unparalleled access to a vast dataset of dark web activities, enabling users to identify and mitigate potential cybercrimes in their nascent stages.

This platform is crucial for addressing threats early in the cyber kill chain, particularly during the pre-attack phases, which occur off the organisation's network, rendering traditional network security tools ineffective. Cerberus fills this gap by providing deep insights into dark web dynamics, where threat actors plan attacks, build or purchase malware, and acquire unauthorised network access.

Recently, Searchlight Cyber has augmented Cerberus with significant enhancements aimed at tackling cybersecurity challenges more effectively. The introduction of the Ransomware Search and Insights feature allows for real-time monitoring of over 55 active ransomware groups, helping organisations understand attack patterns and prepare defences accordingly. Additionally, the Stealth Browser feature enables safe and anonymous access to the dark web directly within Cerberus, ensuring that cybersecurity professionals can gather intelligence without exposing their organisations to risk.

Cerberus is renowned for its efficacy in preventing cyberattacks across various sectors, including financial services, energy, and government. Searchlight Cyber continuously evolves Cerberus through customer-driven innovation, offering features like AI-powered language translation to enhance the understanding of non-English threats and improve global cybersecurity collaboration.

Judges’ Comments:

"This platform excels in detecting and analysing various illicit activities on the dark web. Features like AI-powered translation and actionable intelligence greatly enhance investigations and threat detection."

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