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Best Email Security Solution: Egress Intelligent Email Security

Egress has introduced a groundbreaking adaptive security architecture for cloud email, becoming the first organisation to tackle email security with this innovative approach. As the human element remains a significant vulnerability in cybersecurity, with 94% of organisations experiencing email security incidents last year, Egress focuses on mitigating this risk by continuously analysing human behaviour and adjusting security measures dynamically.

The Egress Intelligent Email Security system calculates a human risk score for each user by integrating various data sources, including Egress's telemetry for both inbound and outbound security, security awareness training results, and open-source intelligence. This comprehensive analysis allows for a nuanced understanding of each user's security profile, enabling personalised security adjustments in real-time.

This adaptive approach enhances user education through instructional prompts that improve their awareness and handling of security threats. For example, it increases the delivery of anti-phishing banners and quarantines unsafe emails based on the evolving threat landscape and individual risk assessments. 

The platform excels in its seamless integration with other technologies, including Microsoft 365, ensuring that all email communications are thoroughly inspected using advanced AI and machine learning models. This approach not only simplifies the administrative aspects of email security but also enhances overall compliance and protection, reducing the risk of costly cyberattacks. This has led to significant commercial growth and an expanding customer base, highlighting the system’s effectiveness in providing sophisticated, responsive email security solutions.

Judges’ Comments:

“This solution educates users and helps organisations identify their riskiest users, a feature often missing from email security solutions. It also complements other security products rather than duplicating them."

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