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Best Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) Solution: Proofpoint Information Protection

Proofpoint’s Information Protection solution addresses the significant data security challenges faced by European businesses, as highlighted by recent data showing that 68% of CISOs reported sensitive data losses due to employee actions. This underscored the need for a human-centric approach to data security, which Proofpoint's modern, cloud-native platform addresses by integrating robust policy templates, workflows, and a unified incident management system. This system is particularly beneficial for organisations with limited resources and enhances threat and behaviour awareness using AI-powered classification and advanced data detection methods.

The capabilities of Proofpoint Information Protection have been further augmented by the acquisition of Tessian, strengthening defences against misdirected emails and enriching the platform's data loss prevention strategies. The solution offers an intuitive, all-in-one console that enables administrators to implement versatile, channel-specific security policies such as encryption and browser isolation, ensuring adaptable and robust data protection.

Proofpoint ensures its solution remains at the forefront of data security by regularly updating its platform to align with evolving industry standards and by integrating real-time threat intelligence. This not only maintains a cutting-edge stance against emerging threats but also provides a scalable and cost-effective security solution for organisations of all sizes. The per-user pricing model further aids in reducing operational costs compared to more traditional, infrastructure-heavy DLP solutions.

Judges’ Comments:

"The human-centric approach, combined with robust threat intelligence and a multi-platform strategy, makes this a powerful solution. Their acquisition of Tessian extends coverage to address misdirected emails, while ProofPoint's large data set and tracking of threat actors provide tailored, threat-led protection."

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