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Best Communications Security Solution: Armour Secure Communications Platform

The Armour Secure Communications Platform was developed to address the escalating need for secure mobile business communications amidst the proliferation of AI-powered impersonation attacks and deepfakes. It provides an integrated, user-friendly solution designed for secure collaboration across BYOD devices and desktops, suitable for use even on untrusted networks. This platform combines several critical functions, including Armour Mobile for messaging similar to WhatsApp, Armour Unity for secure video conferencing, and Armour Recall for archiving and auditing communication.

The platform encrypts data throughout its lifecycle and is fortified with stringent security measures, such as constraints on message retention and data forwarding, along with the capability to automatically erase all data in the event of device compromise. It utilises identity-based authentication with NCSC’s MIKEY-SAKKE protocol, significantly enhancing security by preventing identity spoofing and securing communications, especially during video conferences.

Widely adopted by the defence sector, this platform is also crucial for regulated industries such as healthcare, legal, and finance, enabling them to adhere to strict regulatory requirements. The Armour Recall function, in particular, conserves details of communications which can be reviewed as required for public records and Freedom of Information requests, to prove compliance with data protection regulations, or to investigate potential wrongdoing, saving significant time over traditional methods.

Judges’ Comments:

"The platform seems highly convenient for customers to use and integrate, with a great video explaining how customers derive value from it. Rated by the UK government as appropriate for official sensitive data, it meets the highest security standards. " 

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