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Best AI solution: Crowdstrike Charlotte AI

With AI poised to fundamentally disrupt global cybersecurity, CrowdStrike created its revolutionary AI-powered SOC analyst tool, Charlotte AI, to empower users of its Falcon platform. Charlotte AI is designed to tackle significant industry challenges, such as closing the cybersecurity skills gap and accelerating response times to keep pace with agile adversaries.

Charlotte AI stands out as one of the first security-focused generative AI solutions in the market, developed explicitly to elevate the analyst experience by applying advanced generative AI technologies. This includes conversational AI, which enables security analysts of all skill levels to ask questions and receive plain language answers, thus speeding up investigations and responses to security threats.

The impact of Charlotte AI has been profound. Early adopters report remarkable improvements: a 75% reduction in the time taken to address security posture questions, a 57% faster rate in writing queries, and a 52% increase in efficiency in tracking down attackers. These advances are underpinned by Charlotte AI's natural language processing capabilities, particularly beneficial in training and onboarding junior analysts quickly and effectively.

Charlotte AI also emphasises safe and responsible AI adoption, incorporating features like traceable source data, role-based access controls, and stringent privacy protections. These features ensure that while security workflows are accelerated, they remain secure and trustworthy. CrowdStrike’s commitment to enhancing every phase of the security analyst experience with AI has not only boosted efficiency but also optimised effectiveness, making Charlotte AI a pivotal tool in modern cybersecurity arsenals.

Judges’ Comments:

"An innovative application of AI that measurably enhances the capabilities of human SOC operators. A worthy winner and a valuable tool for supporting and up-skilling security professionals."

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