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Organisations around the globe have been quietly preparing to meet the GDPR requirements for the May 25th deadline. Many important changes such as incorporating the concept of “data protection by design” and focusing on accountability and operational controls are happening behind the scenes.

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    Stephen Twynam Senior Sales Engineer, Citrix
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    Florin Lazurca Senior technical marketing manager, security, Citrix
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    Tony Morbin Editor-in-Chief, SC Media UK

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When you need a background briefing on a topic, or a more in-depth update on a particular issue that is causing you a problem, there is sure to be an SC Whitepaper to meet your needs. SC Whitepapers extend from wide-ranging overviews to in-depth analysis of specific issues of interest to cyber-security professionals. Our Whitepapers are written by authoritative acknowledged experts in their fields and range from Access to Zero days, with insider threats, ransomware, DDoS, breaches, planning, remediation, behavioural analysis, regulation (including GDPR) and updates on specific threats among topics covered. We work in cooperation with selected commercial partners, ensuring that the information provided is independent, unbiased and authoritative.

Security information and event management (SIEM) systems can play an important role in helping your organisation comply with the requirements of the EU's fast approaching GDPR deadline. But it's also important to understand and mitigate the risks of storing and processing logs containing protected data in SIEM systems.