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Why OneSpan took home an SC Europe 2020 Award

The SC Europe Awards celebrate the companies, products and people that excel in cybersecurity. We find out why the judges were keen to commend OneSpan this year

OneSpan scooped the award for Best Mobile Security Solution at the SC Europe 2020 Awards earlier this year. 

We talk to the experts behind the technology, as well as the judges to find out why it came out on top.

Why is mobile security so important today?

“A recent survey of 14,000 consumers around the world asked, ‘What would cause you to engage more often with your mobile banking app?’ The results found that 52% of people want their mobile banking experience to feel more secure and 40% want an easier way to authenticate themselves with their mobile financial services,” said Samuel Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager, OneSpan.

Thomas Naylor, Interim CIO, Enablement Tech and SC Europe award judge, added: “One of the biggest challenges in mobile security and application development is ensuring that the app is secure. There have been multiple instances of relatively secure platforms like the iPhone being compromised because of poor security in applications. And some of the ramifications of these breaches have been very serious indeed.”

Why did OneSpan win?

The awards program recognised OneSpan’s Mobile Security Suite for its extensive and all-in-one toolkit for app developers, which enables financial services organisations to quickly implement security measures into their apps. OneSpan’s Mobile Security Suite uses application shielding, biometric authentication, transaction signing and other technologies to protect apps from social engineering and malware attacks.

Bakken said: “The fact that we can provide this toolkit for developers and reduce development overhead is a win-win situation. For example, one of the largest banks in the world has 300 mobile apps and so they simply do not have the time to write security into every single one of these apps with every one of their updates. But with Mobile Security Suite we enable them to do so.”

Naylor highlighted: “OneSpan is a phenomenal company and is used by more than 2000 financial institutions, half the Top 100 global banks, with 10,000 customers in more than 100 countries. And the reason why they stood out is their offering solves a problem that needs to be solved.” 

What’s next for OneSpan?

“Our job is to continuously monitor the latest mobile threats, while at the same time monitoring what the mobile operating systems are doing – so that we can ensure the compatibility of Mobile Security Suite with the latest and greatest versions. And we need to take advantage of any new capabilities and functionalities that are made available in those operating systems, so that we can support our customers to continue to protect themselves and their users,” said Bakken.