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Revealed: UK Cybersecurity Salaries in 2022

Revealed: UK Cybersecurity Salaries in 2022

Which cybersecurity roles – and where – command the highest wages? Our new UK Cybersecurity Salary survey of 1,200 infosec workers reveals all…

As businesses emerge from the pandemic, we are left with a changed world. In this spirit, a new survey from Cybershark Recruitment captures a labour market at the fulcrum of an extraordinary two years.

The UK Cybersecurity Salary Survey 2022 ­– conducted by Cybershark Recruitment, in partnership with SC Media UK 
– anonymously polled 1,200 cybersecurity executives throughout November and December 2021.

Respondents come from England, Scotland and Wales, spanning the full gamut of roles from cyber consultant to CISO and 15 percent are women.

Download the full UK Cybersecurity Salary Survey 2022.

Almost half (48 percent) for companies with 10,000+ employees, 14 percent work for firms with 5,000–10,000 employees, with the remainder working for smaller firms.

In part one of our two-piece analysis, we explore top-level findings:

SALARY BY JOB ROLE: The highest paid job roles on average are penetration testing (£102,000) and security architecture (£93,750).

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SALARY BY LOCATION: The North/South divide is alive and well.

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THE GREAT RESIGNATION IS A REAL THING: Almost 37% of survey respondents are ‘definitely’ looking to change roles this year.

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HYPER JOB CHURN: Find out why it’s taking cyber executives under two weeks to find a new job.

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Download the full UK Cyber Security Salary Survey 2022 by Cybershark Recruitment in partnership with SC Media UK, here