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In this webinar, we discuss how to embed security successfully into multi-cloud strategies to ensure your cloud and data are secure. The hardware security module (HSM) is a special “trusted” network computer performing a variety of cryptographic operations: key management, key exchange, encryption, etc - and is essential for every organisation.

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    Ashton D'Cruz Director - CAO, CGO & CISO, NatWest Markets (India)
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    Mitesh Chauhan Global Product Director, Cloud & Security Services, Entrust Data Protection Solutions
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    Niamh Vianney Muldoon Global Data Protection Officer , OneLogin
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    Simon Newman Head of Cyber and Business Services, Police Crime Prevention Initiatives
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    Edward Craig Acting Commissioning Editor, SC Media (host)

The process of signing and signatures has always been susceptible to fraud but as technology has progressed, the act of signing has become far more secure than in the past, to the point where wet signatures can be considered more risky compared to digital signatures, especially in the context of remote business.

In this long-read article, in association with Entrust, we look at why digital signatures are so paramount for security, and the connection it has with PKI.

You need to be a big organisation to protect against every threat in-house these days. And even if you’re a big firm, you need the right people in place and access to the right advice – as well as flexible, agile cyber security infrastructure. In this Sophos’ MDR Buyers’ Guide, it'll navigates you through the choppy waters of first deciding to out-source security operations, part or whole – then actually doing it.

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