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How to find a unified security strategy for your hyper-converged future

Rapid changes in how data is created and how it moves means new security gaps are quickly opening up across IT organisations, despite the best efforts to keep pace. The role of IT professionals has never been more complex, or more pressing.  

A perfect storm of challenges is driving it: global data volumes will grow 10-fold to 44 zettabytes by 2020; cloud and device proliferation means that enterprise data is more distributed and harder to lock down than ever. Add in constantly-shifting data privacy and compliance parameters and legacy security solutions are coming under serious strain.

Download this paper, in partnership with WinMagic, to learn:

  • How to protect all your physical, cloud and virtual workloads under a single strategy
  • How next-level cloud security supports hyper-convergence
  • How to manage virtual machine sprawl
  • How to manage both hardware and software encryption