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 How to reduce fraud: cooperation and a dedicated strategy

How to reduce fraud: cooperation and a dedicated strategy

It’s a simple idea, but difficult to put in place: let’s work together to combat the criminals. Crime researcher, lecturer and consultant Chris Allen takes a look at a new piece of research offering all organisations guidance… and hope.

How do you become a better criminal? As in, how do you get better at crime (as opposed to turn to the Good Side)? 

A maxim throughout the realm of organised crime: you get better results if various stakeholders engage with each other in an unrestrained manner, without political strategy and organisational culture getting in the way.

And so it is true when it comes to security.

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SC Unlocks: Insurance & Assurance aims to provide delegates with practical and business critical tools on how cybersecurity within the Insurance space works. The briefing will explore the unique challenges of the insurance sector, including how cybersecurity insurance (aka cyber liability insurance) can help reduce liability, strategies for risk management/ transfer, regulatory oversight and cyber asset valuations.