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Good news at last: hackers are slower than us

Good news at last: hackers are slower than us

We’re all used to gloom and doom, political upheaval, pandemic woes, economic cliff-edges and all sorts of macro risks that, sometimes, we forget to look at the stuff that’s going right. To brighten this January, here’s one such example: hackers are failing to keep up with the pace of new vulnerabilities found in software and hardware.

Yes: we’re winning.

According to new research from Kenna Security, since 2011, the number of total vulnerabilities discovered per year has exploded from 4,100 to more than 17,500 in 2020. But the proportion of vulnerabilities hackers have weaponised has not kept up.

This means that security researchers are getting better at finding bugs before the hackers do and also means more time for vendors to fix flaws.

Big numbers, lower rates