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Five of the best resources on cybercrime for 2021

Five of the best resources on cybercrime for 2021

Chris Allen, organised crime researcher, lecturer and consultant, picks five must-reads for any cybersecurity professional

It was Sun Tzu who said “to know your enemy you must become your enemy”. This is just as accurate a concept in fifth century China when he published the Art of War as it is in the 21st century where the battlegrounds have moved online and the strategies and tactics enemies are using are constantly evolving.

As a cybersecurity leader, you need to be the authority on the threats your company faces. While there are a myriad anti-virus and tech publications providing snapshots of what’s happening, when it comes to detail you can’t beat a book.

Here are five of the best that will improve your knowledge and make you think differently about your professional world. Often cybersecurity can become abstract: these provide a sense of the reality behind the threat – and give it a human face.