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4 ways hybrid working changed security forever

A perfect storm of home workers loving their freedom and attackers upping their game has cultivated a dangerous cyber landscape. Here’s how to crime-proof your business...

When the pandemic first broke, IT and security leaders became heroes – the ones that saved the day… and the company.

But, as the crisis drew on and lost its life-or-death immediacy, IT teams faced widespread pushback from workers who resented curtails on their newfound WFH freedoms.

This IT faceoff, as well as changing user behaviour and ever-more sophisticated attacks have cultivated a thriving breeding ground for new cyber risks.

1 People are using their home machines differently – and being phished

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For most organisations, Active Directory (AD) is the key to identity and access management, which means it is vital that it stays operational and secure. Unfortunately, AD faces a surplus of risks every single day. Whether from ever-frequent cyber and ransomware attacks or critical misconfigurations, effective AD cybersecurity risk management can be a daunting endeavour.

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