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Three things I had to learn to thrive from a mid-career change

Three things I had to learn to thrive from a mid-career change

Sarah Janes had a decade's worth of experience as a security awareness consultant at BT. She gave it up to start Layer 8, a company that specialises in security champions programmes. It was quite a move…

Is this what I’ll do for the rest of my career? Some of us may have already asked the question, for some it’s yet to come – others may never ask it at all.

For me that question came at 31, just after I’d had my daughter, I felt stuck. Stuck in a career that I’d worked so hard to progress all through my 20s. Stuck financially in my dream house, that the proceeds of a successful career had bought me. But something wasn’t right. No, I couldn’t imagine myself doing this for another 30 years! 

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