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The State of Email Security 2020

The State of Email Security 2020

The unprecedented events of the first half of 2020 have inevitably caused a major impact on the IT and security world. Now more than ever, cyber resilience strategies coupled with fortified cybersecurity awareness training will be critical to keeping the business operating efficiently.

Email continues to be the most popular attack vector, with threats coming from compromised accounts, vulnerable insiders and social engineering, as well as from outside the organisation. With remote working policies becoming more widespread in 2020, the variety and volume of attacks have also increased, as threat actors have followed the employees into their homes to identify vulnerabilities in infrastructure and defences.

The recent State of Email Security report, a research conducted by Mimecast Threat Center, gives valuable insight on email-borne attacks, security awareness training, impersonation and cyber resilience from 1,025 global IT decision makers, with key findings including:

  • what makes a strong cyber resilience strategy;
  • how impersonation attacks have evolved;
  • what levels of email spoofing are expected in the coming year, and much more.