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Special podcast episode 1: Detection and response – building proactive capability

Listen to the first episode in this podcast series with Adarma about how to minimise the impact of a breach, hosted by SC Media Associate Editor Kathryn Cave. 

Welcome to this SC Media podcast episode on the fundamental subject of building a D&R strategy that’s proactive and minimises the impact of a cyber breach, produced in association with Adarma. 

In this episode, Kathryn Cave is joined by three experts in being on the coalface of a breach: David Calder, Chief Product Officer at Adarma, and Darren Brogan, Practice Lead from Adarma – as well as Simon Newman, Head of Cyber and Business Services, Police Crime Prevention Initiatives. 

We look into the top things to consider when you’re building a D&R capability with some real world examples, some classic DOs and DON’Ts as well as insight into how to build in agility by-design to give your organisation the best chance in this ever-evolving threat landscape. 

The discussion points also include:

Podcast 3: