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Special podcast episode 2: Life’s a breach – managing the impact

Listen to the second episode in this podcast series with Adarma about how to minimise the impact of a breach

Welcome to this SC Media podcast on managing the impact of a breach, produced in association with Adarma. It’s happened – it’s going to happen, so don’t beat yourself up – now what.

Join Kathryn Cave, Associate Editor on SC Media UK and three experts who’ve had that moment many times in their careers: Darren Brogan, Practice Lead from Adarma, Stefano Lamonato. Solution Architecture Manager at CrowdStrike and Bill Mew, Founder/CEO at Crisis Team. This episode looks at the combination of people processes and technology that you’ll need to recover from a data breach. 

Who does what when? Who has responsibility for which bits – where does the vendor fit in and what tools should you have to recover?

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Here's a quick content list so you can get the bit you're most interested in easily:

Part #1 Any breach starts with detection – and a detection strategy.
Part #2 Recovering is about knowledge – knowing your assets, knowing your critical processes, then you know how to respond. Isn't this all in the preparation?
Part #3 How do you move fast enough to defeat a ransomware attack? What tools do you need, and who does what?
Part #4 What are the short term steps to take as soon as a breach happens? How do you stop the bleeding of valuable data assets and preserve forensic evidence useful for investigation and remediation.
Part #5 What now? What’s the one critical thing that must be in place, the simplest measure that reduces both exposure and, more importantly, limits damage once the breach happens?

Episode 3: