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So you’ve been breached? How to break the news...

Effectively managing your post-attack comms can mean the difference between ransomware disaster or survival. Here ,Yvonne Eskenzi, founder of Ouvert Comms, offers critical advice on striking the right tone.

The consequences of ransomware incidents are, of course, significant, having both financial as well as reputational repercussions. 

Fortunately, steps can be taken before, during and following an incident that can limit the damage.

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SC Unlocks: Ransomware

SC Unlocks: Ransomware will be a platform for cybersecurity professionals to learn more about the magnitude and depth of recent attacks and how to deal with them as and when they happen to you. The conference will cover how malicious software continues to extort money from businesses and their staff, and we will discuss when/if ever it is appropriate to pay the ransom.