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Securing Web Applications

Securing Web Applications

Web application security is much more than an IT problem. It can become a significant business problem if not handled properly. Attacks on web applications can by-pass your security and harm your business by creating unwanted downtime, reducing availability and responsiveness and shattering trust with your customers when data confidentiality and integrity is compromised.

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  • Understand the malicious bots threatening web applications
  • Learn more about other attack vectors (ie. DDoS)
  • Prioritise availability, confidentiality and integrity in your threat defence
  • Plan your next move to securing your web applications for today and tomorrow

Oracle Dyn is a global business unit focused on cloud infrastructure that securely connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet. Dyn’s services include Managed DNS, Email Delivery and a Web Application Security suite. These solutions are powered by a global network that drives 40 billion traffic optimization decisions daily for more than 3,500 enterprise customers, including preeminent digital brands such as Netflix, Twitter, CNBC and LinkedIn.