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SC Europe Awards 2024: Here’s what you need to know

The standard deadline of 22nd February for the SC Europe Awards 2024 is fast approaching. Get ready to celebrate your success, and the industry’s - register now.

Cyber threats have grown in sophistication and volume over the years with the National Cyber Security Centre warning of emerging GenAI-based attacks, new state-aligned actors targeting critical infrastructure and ransomware data trends forecasting more and more costly 2024 attacks.

But just as the cyber threats have grown so have the cyber defenders and their ever-evolving solutions and services to protect UK and greater European business interests. The cybersecurity industry is a massive engine for innovation uniquely fuelled by the necessity to protect. It is an industry, unlike any other, that thrives when it unites and collaborates to make the world safer.

SC Europe Awards: Celebrating Success, Leadership and Best Products  

For years, the SC Europe Awards has been an important catalyst for uniting the UK and greater European cybersecurity community providing it an opportunity celebrate solutions and leadership in spirited competition. Register your company, solution and leaders here, before the  22nd February standard deadline.

The SC Europe Awards is the sector’s longest running and most respected annual awards competition. It also serves as a unifying forum for the disparate field of leading security defenders, allowing the community to both reflect on the current state of the industry and glimpse into its future.

This year companies and individuals will have more than 25 categories to enter, covering a full range of solutions, as well as opportunities people to nominate an outstanding organisation and individual.

Download the Entry Kit (PDF) for full details on how to enter, then get ready to join us in London on 4th June (Day 1 or Infosecurity Europe 2024) for the in-person gala awards evening. The extended deadline for entries is 7th March.

Chair of Judges: Jenny Radcliffe

A unique aspect of the SC Europe Awards is the strong emphasis on independent and transparent judging. Winners are decided by a panel of over 30 judges, all industry representatives, including notable thought leaders and cybersecurity veterans.

This year’s Chair of Judges, overseeing the panel, is well-respected industry leader Jenny Radcliffe.

Radcliffe is an ethical social engineer, a “people hacker” hired by corporate clients to defeat security measures using psychology, con-artistry, subliminal linguistics, cunning and guile.

She has led simulated criminal attacks on businesses, helping organisations ensure their sites and information are secure from malicious threats. She also hosts the podcast “The Human Factor”. As Chair of Judges, she works to ensure judging is fair and equitable and serves as a SC Media UK expert resource to help shape the event.

Important Recognition for Newcomers and Veterans, Alike  

Terence Liu, CEO of TXOne Networks, said he was “deeply honoured” when the company won the Cybersecurity Newcomer of Year at last year’s awards.

“It’s a testament to the dedication and passion exhibited by the entire TXOne staff, it validates our significant contributions to securing operational domains and underscores our unwavering commitment to OT security, despite TXOne’s relatively young age,” he said.

Two categories that celebrate both the industry’s established leaders and future ones include:

  • The award category “Rising Star of the Year” honouring newcomers in cybersecurity, with five or fewer years in the industry. The award highlights emerging talents dedicated to advancing the field with fresh ideas.
  • The award category “Women of Influence Award” honouring women leaders who excel in Information Security, Risk Management, and Privacy, challenging the status quo and promoting inclusivity.

With the deadline for entering this year’s awards fast approaching, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to build relationships with peers, motivate staff and celebrate success by nominating your organisation and its brightest people.

Best of luck to all entrants. We look forward to celebrating with you, and the entire industry, on what will be a memorabile night in London on 4th June. All details of the Awards Night can be found here.

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