Optimising defensive readiness through cyber range, blue team and red team exercises

Optimising defensive readiness through cyber range, blue team and red team exercises

The world may have changed with the vast majority of organisations deploying the work-from-home arrangements as default, but the pressure on cyber security teams to defend the employees from cyber crime is as strong as ever. Has the approach to cyber security training changed to reflect the new way of working too? 

Blue team exercises are increasingly important to improve your cybersecurity team’s readiness. But existing cyber ranges and exercises are too expensive, too unrealistic, or too difficult to manage. They don’t deliver the required results.
What makes a blue team exercise successful, and how can companies include team exercises in a continuous training programme to improve cybersecurity readiness and culture?

In this webinar, produced in collaboration with RangeForce, we talk about Battle Fortress, a hyper-scalable cloud-based cyber range that enables the execution of red/blue team exercises in a realistic environment. Battle Fortress recreates an entire IT environment, emulates existing security stack tools and includes malware and vulnerabilities.

Join the discussion and learn how realistic exercise scenarios transform your blue team exercises into powerful learning experiences and measurably increase your cybersecurity team’s readiness.

For a closer look at one of the training modules, please see the Demo video here.

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