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Empathy and EI: How to prevent cyber team burnout

Paul Baird, chief technical security officer UK at cloud security firm Qualys, speaks frankly about cybersec burnout – and how to prevent mental exhaustion in your teams

What should IT security professionals know about burnout?
Burnout is a specific kind of stress. It involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity. It occurs when work is continually stressful and not managed effectively. There can be a lot of causes for this too: from poorly defined job expectations and extremes of activity through to compromised work-life balance.

For cybersec professionals, this can be a real risk – so much of our role is based on our ability to spot problems and solve issues. Burnout can affect how well we perform in this kind of environment.

It can also cause problems due to how we envision ourselves as heroes that save the day – we always want to step up to prevent problems and keep the business operational.