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How to inspire gender balance and diverse thinking in cyber

How to inspire gender balance and diverse thinking in cyber

It’s been a month since the Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec) released its damning research into the state of gender equality and balance in cybersecurity.  How did the sector react to the findings? What, if anything, has actually happened as a result – and one month later, what exactly have we learned?

A recent CIISec survey found that women working in the cyber security industry believe it will take at least a decade for equality to become a reality. And that wasn’t the only finding.

In light of the results, Emily Turner, head of education and engagement in the Chief Resilience and Security Office at Lloyds Banking Group, suggests that cross-sector collaboration could be the answer to diversifying, and so strengthening, your teams? It’s certainly something that both Lloyds Banking Group and the CIISec have explored...

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