How retailer Clarks launched a detection-and-response journey

How retailer Clarks launched a detection-and-response journey

One of the UK’s leading high-street names has undergone a new D&R journey. This is their story.

In the final part of SC Media UK and Adarma's Minimising the Impact of a Breach series, we take a dive into the story of shoe retailer Clarks. Clarks are a high-street hero and family favourite in the UK. They realised there was an urgent need to improve their D&R strategy.

Shaun Kingdon is head of cyber security risk management at the company. We talk to him, alongside Rory from D&R specialists Adarma, about why Clarks decided to take a fresh D&R direction, the decisions they had to make, the hurdles they're overcoming, the outcomes and improvements. 

In this session, we hear both best practice and pitfalls to avoid through Clarks' experience – and so learn how to smooth our own D&R journeys.

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