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Glasgow Woman's Personal Details Posted to Prisoner

Prisoner disclosed breach to Scottish woman via a letter.

A prisoner at HMP Barlinnie informed a Glasgow woman that he had been sent her details by mistake.

According to media reports, Mary McGoldrick's name, address and intimate social work records were sent to the inmate at HMP Barlinnie by mistake, along with some of his own files from Glasgow City Council.

The prisoner, who signed a letter as ‘MS White’, said they received her personal records, and wrote the letter informing her of the breach saying “I hope that with this letter you'll be able to hold social work services to account once and for all.”

Police Scotland also looked at the matter but found that the letter Mary received wasn't threatening.

Glasgow City Council apologised, saying a staff member within its service unintentionally placed a letter in an envelope alongside another letter intended for and addressed to another person.

The affected persons also contacted the Scottish Prison Service to complain about the letter, and in response an official confirmed it had come from a prisoner at Barlinnie, but could not discuss the specific circumstances of an individual.

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