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4 steps to spending your cyber budget wisely

It seems that no-one has enough money to spend on security. How can you ensure your limited budget is placed where it’s most needed?

Focus on the business
“Many organisations make the mistake of allocating security budget based on something other than risk to the organisation,” says Jim Doggett, CISO at Semperis. “Too many discover a new, ‘shiny’ tool and find a reason to implement it – without significantly reducing risk.”

The smart allocation of security budget is not about point solutions or the latest technological innovations, but about identifying risk and reducing it.

“You must prioritise which systems your business relies upon and cannot do without even for a short amount of time,” says Joseph Carson, chief security scientist and advisory CISO at Delinea.

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How to Automate the Lifecycle of Joiners, Movers, and Leavers With No-Code Solutions

Streamlining the lifecycle of joiners, movers, and leavers using no-code automation

The process of onboarding new employees and quickly removing departing staff profiles can be both time-consuming and labour-intensive.
In this live webinar, we will look at how to streamline these processes to save time and resources, and providing a smooth experience for both admins and employees.

Key takeaways:
  • Understanding the importance of securing the joiners, movers and leavers process
  • Exploring successful attacks that occurred due to errors in managing these transitions
  • Discover which advanced controls can be utilized
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