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Five ways to see if your staff security training actually works

Five ways to see if your staff security training actually works

Because your people are your organisation’s least secure endpoint, Jason Stirland, CTO at DeltaNet International, offers an instant checklist into how effective your employee cybersecurity training really is…

According to the latest report by ENISA, the most common cyber incidents SMEs are likely to suffer are phishing attacks. The vast majority (85%) of SMEs said that cybersecurity issues would have a detrimental impact on their businesses with over half (57%) admitting they’d most likely go out of business. Ouch.

To reduce the risk of such incidents from happening – and to improve the response if you do fall victim – organisations equip their employees with cybersecurity awareness training. But, after implementing and rolling out this training, it’s essential for businesses to evaluate the performance of their employees against cybercrime.

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