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FBI Seeks to Distribute Lockbit Decryption Keys to Victims

More than 7000 Lockbit decryption keys offered by FBI. 

The FBI has retrieved more than 7000 Lockbit decryption keys from its takedown of the ransomware.

According to media reports, the FBI is now looking to help any Lockbit victims, and encouraging anyone who thinks their data may have been seized to contact them to get a decryption key.

FBI cyber assistant director Bryan Vorndran said in a statement this week: “We are reaching out to known LockBit victims and encouraging anyone who suspects they were a victim to visit our Internet Crime Complaint Center at ic3.gov.”

The FBI’s original announcement of the takedown operation noted the seizure of decryption keys but did not list an exact number – the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) which participated in the takedown, previously stated that it obtained 1,000 decryption keys.

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