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Interview – Cyber intrusions: Why aren't organisations learning?

Why do cybersecurity breaches continue to dominate the news headlines? Is the security industry losing the battle? Are there more threats today, or are we just hearing more about them? 

SC Media UK editor Tony Morbin asks these questions and more to CrowdStrike’s director of incident response, Stuart Davis.

Davis discusses CrowdStrike’s findings from its 2018 Services Casebook, which provides valuable takeaways and insights into the frontlines of incident response cases over the past year, as well as the lessons learned and trends derived from more than 200 notable cyber intrusion cases.

The pair also debate key industry concerns, including whether businesses should worry about the threat from State Sponsored Actors such as North Korea, Iran and Russia. And they discuss two key trends that emerged during 2018: the growth and sophistication of Actors leveraging ransomware and how increasing numbers of organisations are being targeted by groups that are aligned with the interests of China.

Watch the full interview above.