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Stay ahead of your attackers: a guide to AV replacement

Stay ahead of your attackers: a guide to AV replacement

Thousands of attacks are carried out against organisations of all sizes every year. Yet, with antivirus software almost universally in place – how do these attacks keep happening?

In most cases, attackers expect their targets to be running some form of protection and have adapted their tools, techniques and procedures to evade detection. From sophisticated morphism and obfuscation of malware, to malicious usage of legitimate applications or simple credential theft, there are countless opportunities to bypass traditional protection.    

Conventional antivirus systems are ill-equipped to handle this new generation of rapidly evolving threats. Fortunately, there are solutions that can effectively handle these emerging challenges. 

This guide, produced in partnership with CrowdStrike, analyzes the most important elements to consider when replacing a current solution, including how to plan for the replacement and how to choose the best solution for your organisation.