A deception approach to protecting ATM networks

A deception approach to protecting ATM networks

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are digital safes installed on Main Streets and at shopping locations throughout the world—so they’re a natural target of criminals. But why rob one ATM if instead they could rob many? While card skimming and other physical techniques are still in use, groups of cybercriminals are conducting larger-scale attacks on ATM networks by gaining access to ATM infrastructure within banks’ corporate walls or data centres.

This technical white paper:

- Summarises the evolution of ATM attacks

- Provides an overview of how MoneyTaker, Cobalt, and other cybercriminal groups typically conduct network-based ATM cyberattacks

- Shows how distributed deception platforms can stop these attacks in their lateral movement phase

By getting ahead of these cyberthreats, financial institutions can prevent significant losses—both in hard dollars and customer trust.