Why you should be using Privileged Access Management as a Service

Why you should be using Privileged Access Management as a Service

Cloud data breaches are on the rise, highlighting the increasing need for a different approach and strategy when it comes to managing and monitoring your most vulnerable area that is at the core of nearly every major security breach - privileged access to cloud ecosystems.

While Privileged Access Management (PAM) as a Service is not a brand-new concept, it could be critical for those organisations that simply don’t have the resources to deploy and maintain an in-house PAM solution. PAM as a Service is a way to outsource complex security solution needs to experts in the field while allowing internal IT and security teams to focus on core business competencies.

Join this webinar led by SaaS, security and privileged access experts to understand what PAM as a Service can do for you.

You will learn:

  • Security as a Service recent trends

  • Benefits for your business from moving to PAM as a service

  • Main attack scenarios targeting privileged access

  • 5 key things to look for when evaluating Privileged Access Security as a Service

  • How to build a foundation for your Privileged Access Security program using PAM as a Service

Our presenters will discuss how consuming privileged access security through SaaS can help your organisation save time and resources while implementing essential security controls, all without the need to manage additional infrastructure. Join us for a webinar and we will help you start this conversation with your management today.

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