Securing source code:

Securing source code:

How to get dev ops on side (without them even noticing)

One of the greatest worries to all of us is code validation – what exactly are developers dumping into corporate ecosystems and what can we do about it? 

It’s that tension between dev ops and SOC: one holds the other’s creative breakthroughs back – the other riddles a carefully drilled security strategy with holes. How can you solve this tension? How can you make sure new code isn’t leaving the gates flapping on their hinges, without skewering innovation with inertia? Is a culture shift needed? Is there a tech solution? What’s the most pragmatic route to a secure yet agile future?

In this Q&A session, SC Media UK and Beyond Identity explore ways to resolve this tension – why eliminating any user friction is central to shifting security left, how you can implement this and how automated code validation is not only a pathway to a constructive relationship, it’s now also possible.

Join us.

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