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Infosecurity Europe 2023: Q&A with LastPass

What does the future hold for authentication and identity management? Karim Toubba, chief executive officer at LastPass, shares his insights around the latest trends for enterprise password management, the passwordless journey and more.

This video is produced in partnership with LastPass.

“The future of authentication and identity management is clearly rooted in passwordless, which is largely being driven by market needs,” says Karim Toubba, chief executive officer at LastPass.

As part of an interview with SC Media UK at Infosecurity Europe 2023, Toubba went on to explain that one of the biggest challenges facing chief information security officers right now, as they expand the capability for their workforce to gain access to a myriad of applications, is being able to seamlessly implement identity and access management.

With over half (55%) of enterprises risking data breaches by failing to internally manage passwords and 68% of workers putting their employers at risk by using weak or reused passwords, it’s clear that password management is vital.

Watch: Video interview with Karim Toubba, chief executive officer, LastPass

Watch this video to learn about:

  • The latest market trends for enterprise password management, identity access management and the passwordless journey

  • The main pain points for chief information security officers and how you can overcome these challenges

  • What the future holds for authentication and identity management

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