How to prepare your business for multi-phased attacks

How to prepare your business for multi-phased attacks

Heading into 2019, the volume—and sophistication—of email threats is growing. Phishing is virtually indistinguishable from legitimate brand communications, spear phishing is hyper-personalised using publicly available data, and insider attacks are surging due to the popularity of cloud email services. But the biggest danger of all is when cybercriminals combine these vectors in multi-phased attacks. 

Gain insight into how multi-phased attacks are designed and how your business can prevent being knocked cold by one. We’ll use data and real-world examples to highlight the massive growth in Office 365 phishing, and show you how cybercriminals use compromised accounts to launch spear phishing, malware, and insider attacks.

Gain insight into:

•    How cybercriminals execute coordinated, multi-phased attacks

•    Why Office 365 is the most targeted entry point

•    How data breaches are fuel for targeted email attacks

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