Masterclass: how to apply security best practices to DevOps

Masterclass: how to apply security best practices to DevOps

Move beyond traditional security measures in DevOps

In the world of DevOps, traditional application security doesn’t cut it anymore, and relying on perimeter defences is a reactionary measure... assuming you control the perimeter. The unprecedented use of open source, speed of continuous integration and continuous delivery, containerisation, and move to the cloud all mean that teams need a new approach to application security. DevOps teams cannot cede speed and agility for the sake of security.

In this webinar, Tim Mackey explores best practices to ensure your DevOps practices stay rugged, lightning fast and secure. Attend and you'll learn:

  • New security challenges facing today’s Continuous Integration (CI) and DevOps practices, including managing open source risks with containers and traditional environments
  • Best practices for designing and incorporating an automated approach to application security into your existing development environment
  • Future development and application security challenges organisations will face and what they can do to prepare

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