Debunking six common PAM myths

Debunking six common PAM myths

Join this SC Media UK webinar, in partnership with BeyondTrust, to discover that six popular beliefs about Privileged Access Management (PAM) are, in fact, wrong. 

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It seems with every passing month a new high-profile breach occurs, with 1000s more taking place every month that don’t make the headlines. As a business, it’s become a case of when, rather than if, security gets compromised – which is why having a strategy in place to address this risk is ever-more important.

The reason why so many breaches are occurring is because today’s cyber-threats are becoming smarter and faster. Industry thought leaders have stated that if you can only tackle one project to improve the security of your organisation it should be Privileged Access Management (PAM).

PAM not only has a positive business impact, but also significantly mitigates the risk of a data breach. It allows you to manage and control privileged access, without compromising on productivity. Despite Gartner identifying it as the number one priority when addressing the changing needs of cybersecurity and reducing risk, misunderstandings around PAM are abundant.

 Join this webinar to discover six popular beliefs about Privileged Access Management (PAM) that are, in fact, wrong.

 You will learn:

  • What the truth is behind each myth and how best to proceed

  • Where the current threat landscape is heading and how to prepare

  • Why a typical IT environment is a hacker’s playground

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