Cyberattacks: how to defend faster and reduce risk more effectively

Cyberattacks: how to defend faster and reduce risk more effectively

Cyberattacks pose a serious threat for modern businesses. But many companies are learning the hard way: during an incident, how could they have been better prepared to halt the threat or reduce the damage?

Cyber Crime

Join SC Media UK, in partnership with Secureworks, for a webinar on how your organisation can plan, in advance, for a cyberattack.

Expert speakers from Secureworks’ team of incident responders share support and practical information for cybersecurity leaders, risk managers and CISOs.

Listen to understand how you may be vulnerable; how you can better prepare for emerging threats; how you can respond more effectively when an incident happens.

The session explores:

  • Key findings from Secureworks' newly-released 'Incident Response Insights Report 2018: Risks, Remedies, and Best Practices for Defending Against Cyber Threats'
  • Threat and attack trends identified by responders in 2017 
  • Lessons from organisations in a wide variety of incident response (IR) scenarios
  • Key recommendations for IR planning, practices and capabilities that improve security defences and mitigate business risk
  • Live Q&A with experts from our Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU) and Incident Response team

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Tony  Morbin Tony Morbin Editor-in-Chief SC Media UK
Matt  Webster Matt Webster Senior Security Researcher Secureworks