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Cyber workers stay in jobs for less than two years

The average tenure of cybersecurity executives has fallen to just one year and 11 months, according to the latest research

A new survey by Cybershark Recruitment, in partnership with SC Media UK, which polled 2,300 cyber workers, revealed that just under half (48.1%) of the people surveyed changed roles in the last year.

Download the full salary list here

Daniel Murray, founder of Cybershark Recruitment, said: “This staggering figure gives credit to the ‘great resignation’. Our survey highlights the demand for cyber talent and shows how the market is constantly evolving and offering new projects for people to get involved in.”

The average tenure of cyber executives in 2021 was slightly longer at 2 years and 1 month, according to the study.

John Davis, director UK & Ireland, SANS Institute, EMEA commented: “With enhanced cyber threats and so much at stake, we've seen a boom in industry solutions developing. Sudden market maturity is opening up a huge number of new roles and opportunities for workers in this space. Cybercrime is only set to grow, so it's not surprising that there’s greater churn in the cyber jobs market today.”

Azeez Aleem, managing director for Sygnia Northern Europe, said cyber companies should take considered steps to nurture employees and motivate staff.

“Companies need to examine the reasons why employees are looking for new jobs, such as work-life balance, career progression, job dynamics, or salary.”

Download the full UK Cybersecurity Salary Survey 2023 by Cybershark Recruitment in partnership with SC Media here

The UK Cybersecurity Salary Survey 2023 polled 2,300 cyber execs across England, Scotland and Wales from November–December 2022. The online survey was conducted anonymously.

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